Water Education Foundation

Levees – one of many ways we manage our Western water.

Facing the challenges of sustainably managing and sharing water — our most precious natural resource — requires collaboration, education and outreach. The Water Education Foundation, an impartial nonprofit that was founded in 1977 in the midst of a deep drought, has put water resource issues in California and the West in context to inspire a deep understanding of and appreciation for water.

This resource of information on water in the western United States is probably among the most comprehensive available to the public. Please take a look and maybe even help support their effort. I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

Another excellent source for information on complex water issues is The Pacific Institute. Their mission statement: The Pacific Institute creates and advances solutions to the world’s most pressing water challenges. Our vision is to create a world in which society, the economy, and the environment have the water they need to thrive now and in the future. Click here for more.

Finally, we can add to the shelf; Friends of The River, so no shortage of resources for one to become an expert or just educated enough to know that we can and must work toward sustainable management of this precious earthly resource.

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