What’s in Inflation Reduction Act

✔️$370 billion climate/energy funding
✔️Medicare negotiates rx prices
✔️Medicare out-of-pocket cap: $2,000
✔️Medicare insulin cap
✔️3-year Affordable Care Act $ extension
✔️$5 billion drought resiliency
✔️15% corporate minimum tax
✔️1% excise tax stock buybacks
✔️Extra IRS enforcement

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I drive an EV – and it’s EZ (mostly)

The dashboard of my Chevrolet Bolt EV

So science indicates that global warming is causing climate to change. In the case of our Sierra Nevada mountains, for example, that’s not a good thing and rather an understatement these days. And as the Sierras go, so we go as it’s pretty much our only source of water, which we all agree we kinda need.

Welp. One solution to our growing instability caused by unsustainable emissions of CO2 into our atmosphere (like dumping garbage on your front lawn) is to not contribute to fossil fuel emissions – you know, the invisible carbon pollution from your gas-burning car.

How fast, how much and how far?

My 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV, on a good day, can do 275 miles with some caveats such as wind, cold, rain; but generally I can travel about 200 miles comfortably on a charge. So, for example, if I’m traveling to San Diego from Hanford, I could do it with around 2 stops for “juice” (and I have done it). Along the 99 & 5 corridors, I’d have access to about 100 or more fast-charging sites along the way, so it’s no sweat to pick your spot for a break, and plug in while your at it.

If you want to learn more about EV ownership, we can help by hitting the Contact button above. I’m not the only EV owner on the committee, so we are a pretty savvy group of folks who can help. My odo above now shows over 80,000 miles of trouble-free (mostly) usage and it’s actually fun to own & drive a good EV.

Trip plan display on the Bolt EV via Apple Car Play and the MyChevrolet app. Departed SFO, headed home via Gilroy DC fast charger at a Chevron station.

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Our President

Joe Biden meets with Holocaust survivors in Yad Vashem, Israel, displaying the qualities necessary to lead a nation.

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Bet You Did Not Know That We Have a Progressive Radio Station on Our Airwaves

KFCF 88.1 FM

KFCF 88.1 FM began broadcasting on June 9, 1975, and, at that time, was the only public electronic medium serving the Fresno area. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day with 50,000 watts of equivalent effective power from a transmitter site at Meadow Lakes , 30 miles northeast of Fresno in the Sierra Nevada. With a[n] elevation of 5,200 feet, the signal can be received as far north as Modesto and as far south as Bakersfield, as well as in many Sierra foothill communities. Click here for an up-to-date program schedule.

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Guns Vs. Abortions

Credit: Steve Greenberg

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How much to buy a county supervisor?

Seat for sale? Kings Co. Supervisor emerges as pricey proxy fight over water

From Maven’s Notebook

Has a seat on the sleepy Kings County Board of Supervisors become a proxy fight for control of water flows in the southern San Joaquin Valley?  It sure looks that way as political youngster Martín Chavez, a member of the Stratford Public Utilities District, has received unprecedented financial backing from Bay Area native and controversial water giant John Vidovich and affiliates.  Vidovich, through his company Sandridge Partners, is currently locked in a fight with the Tulare Lake Canal Company over a water pipeline that he is trying to construct in Kings County to connect to a larger interconnected conveyance system. … ”  Read more from the San Joaquin Valley Sun here: Seat for sale? Kings Co. Supervisor emerges as pricey proxy fight over water

What was once called bribery …

More about J.G. Boswell Company & Sandridge Partners here.

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Both Sides are NOT the Same

Thank you for voting during any and all elections. It’s the only way to stay free.

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Green Raiteros

Green Raiteros

In this week’s KVPR episode of The Other California, they head to Huron to learn about an innovative green ridesharing program, and talk to a retired teacher who started a decades-long movement to build a high school in the town. Check it out here. It’s pretty cool.

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Who Is Antifa?

We are, of course. Thank you Lincoln Project.

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We’ve resurrected our website to better serve our Democratic community.

We meet each month on the 2nd Tuesday in Hanford.

Also, check out our friends at the Jimmy Carter Club as well.

Please contact us if you would like information on activities, campaigns and volunteer opportunities. Read more.

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