Who Will Protect Social Security & Medicare?

Was there ever any doubt?

Unfortunately, MAGA Republicans have majority in the House. Their first order of business is to protect the interests of wealthy tax cheats.

So, onward we go..

It’s important we keep the heat on our Representatives in Kings County – that means the new Speaker McCarthy (?) 202-225-2915 and Rep. Valadao, 202-225-4695. More to come..

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Who’s On Your School Board?

How could this even be a discussion?

Daily Kos has an article which explains well the xenophobic tendencies of some in our society. “Unless we are consistent with efforts before there’s an incident to have the kind of measured conversations about race and racism, we’re never going to get out of this kind of cycle,” said Elaine Gross, with the group Erase Racism.

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Never get tired of winning …

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What’s in Inflation Reduction Act

✔️$370 billion climate/energy funding
✔️Medicare negotiates rx prices
✔️Medicare out-of-pocket cap: $2,000
✔️Medicare insulin cap
✔️3-year Affordable Care Act $ extension
✔️$5 billion drought resiliency
✔️15% corporate minimum tax
✔️1% excise tax stock buybacks
✔️Extra IRS enforcement

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Our President

Joe Biden meets with Holocaust survivors in Yad Vashem, Israel, displaying the qualities necessary to lead a nation.

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Bet You Did Not Know That We Have a Progressive Radio Station on Our Airwaves

KFCF 88.1 FM

KFCF 88.1 FM began broadcasting on June 9, 1975, and, at that time, was the only public electronic medium serving the Fresno area. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day with 50,000 watts of equivalent effective power from a transmitter site at Meadow Lakes , 30 miles northeast of Fresno in the Sierra Nevada. With a[n] elevation of 5,200 feet, the signal can be received as far north as Modesto and as far south as Bakersfield, as well as in many Sierra foothill communities. Click here for an up-to-date program schedule.

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Guns Vs. Abortions

Credit: Steve Greenberg

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Both Sides are NOT the Same

Thank you for voting during any and all elections. It’s the only way to stay free.

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Who Is Antifa?

We are, of course. Thank you Lincoln Project.

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