Rep. Valadao Seems Enthusiastic, Denying Peoples’ Vote

It is unconscionable how not one Republican voted for a legitimate bill which better enables voting practices in our democracy – unless the idea is to truncate, if not eliminate our democracy.

He and his GOP tribe believe that creating a voting process that would actually encourage eligible Americans to exercise their right to vote would be a bad thing. Apparently there’s not much they can hang their hat on in regards to public policy that benefits working class Americans more and corporations & the top 1% less. So the answer is to discourage voting – at least for certain people …

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Someone Who Cares

Yes, we are Liberals, proud of what we stand for, unafraid to say, never backing down from our guiding principles – and his.

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Phone Bank to Central Valley – “No Party Preference” Voters

It’s a great way to reach out to those in your community, those open to knowing more about what Democrats are about.

Join Contra Costa Democrats, Swing Left Peninsula, Santa Clara County Democratic Party, Kings County Democratic Party, and Kern County Democratic Party to engage “No Party Preference” voters in the Central Valley. Our calls will help determine which NPP voters support Democrats. The information we learn about these key voters will be retained in the Kings County and Kern County Democratic Party voter files for use in future election cycles.

Whether you are an experienced phone banker or this is your first time, join us to make calls. We need your help! We’ll provide training on both the script and how to use our call system.

The hours listed for this phone bank are the hours when phone bank team will be available live to answer your questions and get you started. Tech Assist is always available during phone banking hours. Once you’re trained, the phone bank link will be available for you to call on your own schedule anytime 9:00 am – 8:00 pm.

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When our children ask why we did nothing, what do we say?

“Each time you let these opportunities slip through your fingers, you’re passing a much harder problem on to the next generation. It’s a very hard thing to swallow that we are relegating children born today and not yet born to a future of dangerous climate impacts.” — Kim Cobb, a climate scientist at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Fun Events to Attend & Participate

Dia de los Muertos has come & gone, but the image will remain because it’s awesome.

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We have the ability to determine the outcome of future elections – today!

VoterPAC’s goal is to register, rally, and empower the rising American Electorate – people of color and younger voters – in California’s Central Valley prior to the 2022 mid-term elections – and beyond! They need our support in our shared endeavor so your help will get us closer to our goal.

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Covid Vaccine Information & a Story about Life Without the Vaccine …

Updated May 20, 2021  click here for latest from Kings County Department of Public Health

Vaccine appointments are now available 7 days a week
To book an appointment at Kings County Public Health click here:
Proof of address and/or employment status in Kings County will be required at the time of your appointment.
To find locations and book an appointment visit: or
Transportation to your vaccine appointment is available by KART!
Please call (559)852-2776 to request transportation to your vaccine appointment. Please provide a 24 hour notice prior to your appointment time.
COVID-19 Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions: click here

Youth age 12 and up are now eligible to be vaccinated with the
Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine
A parent or legal guardian must be present at the time of vaccination.
You must be age 18 or older to receive the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines.
Please note: Vaccine appointments are only available for people who live or work in Kings County. 
To enroll as a vaccine provider:
For support with the enrollment process, send a message to:
Please continue to check this page regularly for updates; your patience is appreciated as staff work diligently to make vaccine available to eligible Kings County residents.
The Kings County Department of Public Health is coordinating with local health care providers to administer COVID-19 vaccines to all residents 12 and above. The State has launched its Vaccinate all 58 campaign, which provides additional details, resources and information to the public.
El Departamento de Salud Pública del Condado de Kings está coordinando con los proveedores de atención médica locales para administrar las vacunas COVID-19 a medida que estén disponibles. El Estado ha lanzado su campañaVaccinate ALL 58 campaign, que brinda al público detalles, recursos e información adicionales.
Vaccine safety is a top priority. The U.S. vaccine safety system ensures that all vaccines are as safe as possible.
Learn how the federal government is working to ensure the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.
Pfizer vaccine fact sheet:
Moderna vaccine fact sheet:
Janssen (Johnson & Johnson vaccine fact sheet:
La seguridad de las vacunas es una prioridad absoluta. El sistema de seguridad de las vacunas de los Estado Unidos garantiza que todas las vacunas sean lo más seguras posible.
Conozca cómo está trabajando el gobierno federal para garantizar la seguridad de las vacunas COVID-19.
Hoja de datos de la vacuna Pfizer:
Hoja de datos de la vacuna Moderna:
Hoja de datos de la vacuna Janssen (Johnson & Johnson):
Why get vaccinated?
Do it for yourself, your family, and your community. When you’re vaccinated against COVID-19, you protect yourself from a deadly disease. Vaccinate to stop the spread to your friends, your family, your elders, and the people who work hard to keep our communities safe and open.
Your chances of being hospitalized with COVID-19 become almost zero
COVID-19 cases will drop, and schools and businesses will safely reopen
We can all get back to the things we love
¿Por qué vacunarse?
Házlo por ti, tu familia y tu comunidad. Cuando te vacunas contra el COVID-19, te proteges de una enfermedad mortal. Vacúnate para detener la propagación entre tus amigos, tu familia, tus ancianos y las personas que trabajan duro para mantener nuestras comunidades seguras y andando.
Las posibilidades de ser hospitalizado por el COVID-19 se reducen a casi cero
Los casos de COVID-19 disminuirán y las escuelas y negocios volverán a abrir
Todos podremos hacer de nuevo las cosas que tanto nos gustan
This page is updated as new information becomes available. For any additional questions regarding COVID-19 vaccinations in Kings County please email:
Esta página se actualiza a medida que nueva información está disponible. Para cualquier pregunta adicional sobre las vacunas COVID-19 en el condado de Kings, envíe un correo electrónico a:

September 7, 2021

From the Los Angeles Times

Near-death experience … advise others to get vaccinated

In July, Jonathan Weltsch, 43, of Humboldt County, experienced fatigue while driving, but he didn’t suspect it had anything to do with COVID-19. He went on a job for his fence-making business, thinking he could finish the task quickly, despite not feeling his best.

He ended up passing out.

“It was a 15-minute job. I was just changing a battery,” Weltsch, a father of nine, told The Times. “I laid down on the ground next to the guy’s driveway to undo the cover on the gate. And I woke up two hours later. I guess I was just so out of oxygen, I couldn’t even stay awake.”

His wife, Sarah, insisted he get medical treatment. On July 8, Jonathan went to Providence St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka, where he tested positive for the coronavirus.

“I went to the ER, which was the worst experience of my life,” Weltsch said. “I lay on the floor because I couldn’t sit up. I was so tired, and the security guard kept [saying], ‘Sir, you can’t be on the floor. You need to sit up.’”

He eventually made it into a bed and endured an 18-day hospital stay that would push him to the brink of death. Weltsch said he had to wear a mask that supplied oxygen because breathing was impossible.

“You try to take it off; you can’t. You’re, like, gasping for air. … It’s basically like somebody is just suffocating you. You feel like you should be able to breathe, but nothing happens,” he said. “It’s basically like drowning.”

A breathing device was inserted into his nasal cavity.

“It felt like they were rubbing my brain or the back of my eyes or something, and it caused my nose to bleed, whatever they did in there. And for the first week, I had a bloody nose,” Weltsch said.

Everybody in the family — aside from the 19-year-old, who had moved out of the house — ended up contracting COVID-19. “We wish we’d been vaccinated, because the people that were vaccinated that got the variant did not get as sick as we did,” Sarah Weltsch said. But nobody was hit with a case as severe as Jonathan’s. The hospital told his wife to get his affairs in order.

“There were four days he was in that ICU unit, and they told me he may not get better, and he may not make it through this,” Sarah said. “I was already trying to recover at home, and I was really, really sick. And I was having panic attacks because I couldn’t breathe. I’ve got eight kids at home that I’m trying to take care of, and the youngest was still under 2 months old… It was not a fun place to be. Then, I’m being told my husband is gonna die. It was definitely a dark place.”

The experience has completely changed Jonathan. He used to tell people not to get vaccinated, after reading false claims on social media that the side effects from the shots were worse than contracting COVID-19. Now, he has been using his near-death experience to advise others to get vaccinated, appearing in a local paper and a public service announcement that’s airing on seven radio and two television stations. He plans on getting his vaccination once he’s past the 90-day period his doctor told him he has to wait.

“That’s a hell you don’t want to live,” Weltsch said of his bout with COVID-19.

He encourages people to get vaccinated because “anything’s better than being on a breathing machine and having leather for lungs and barely moving. That was just definitely the worst.”

Jonathan and Sarah Weltsch with their children. (Harmony Safier)

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Most San Joaquin Valley Residents Will Receive Child Tax Credit Starting July 15th

The credit will be available to families who make up to $150,000 a year.

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Who Is Antifa?

We are, of course. Thank you Lincoln Project.

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We’ve resurrected our website to better serve our Democratic community.

We meet each month on the 2nd Tuesday in Hanford.

Please contact us if you would like information on activities, campaigns and volunteer opportunities.

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