As states ban abortion, Californians open their arms and wallets

Lee Mitchell had three abortions before Roe v. Wade made it legal. Now she plans to volunteer as a driver and host for women who travel to California from other states where the procedure is banned.

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Our Supreme Court Moral Majority

The American Taliban hath arrived …

Fellas, don’t think you’re exempt from the cruelty – Social Security, Medicare, marriage equality are included in the Republican playbook. They really do like to watch people suffer. So “christian” of them, ‘eh?

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One Down, One ta Go

Rudy gets by with a little help from friends, Cathy & Oralia

Rudy Salas will take on the recalcitrant Trumpian Republican in the November mid-term match for U.S. Congress, CA-22. Rudy can’t do it all alone, however and certainly needs your help. Click here if inclined to help out. It really can be lots of fun, too.

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Hey! We Have a Booth at Thursday Night Market!

Terry, contemplating kettlecorn, perhaps

Please join in on the fun each Thursday night; we’re near the east portion close to the pole clock across from Superior Dairy. We can always use the company, so stop by for some friendly banter and enjoy the evenings in the shade. And bring a friend!

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Awash in Guns and Violence, What to Do …

Not considering the redesign of doors as a reasonable answer to gun violence in our beleaguered nation

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The Republican Party Would Like to Welcome Your Children to School

Don Winslow Films – #RepublicanSchoolDay

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Robert Reich’s Full Testimony Regarding Corporate Profits and Inflation to Senate Budget Committee

Corporations taking advantage of pandemic and war, workers & consumers paying the price

‘Lindsey Graham, “I disagree”. No counter argument, no evidence, just an empty shell holding that place to make sure the companies keep the status quo.’ Robert Reich was Labor Secretary in the Clinton administration and current prof at Cal-Berkeley.

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Guns Vs. Abortions

Credit: Steve Greenberg

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How much to buy a county supervisor?

Seat for sale? Kings Co. Supervisor emerges as pricey proxy fight over water

From Maven’s Notebook

Has a seat on the sleepy Kings County Board of Supervisors become a proxy fight for control of water flows in the southern San Joaquin Valley?  It sure looks that way as political youngster Martín Chavez, a member of the Stratford Public Utilities District, has received unprecedented financial backing from Bay Area native and controversial water giant John Vidovich and affiliates.  Vidovich, through his company Sandridge Partners, is currently locked in a fight with the Tulare Lake Canal Company over a water pipeline that he is trying to construct in Kings County to connect to a larger interconnected conveyance system. … ”  Read more from the San Joaquin Valley Sun here: Seat for sale? Kings Co. Supervisor emerges as pricey proxy fight over water

What was once called bribery …

More about J.G. Boswell Company & Sandridge Partners here.

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We just voted to crackdown on price gouging at gas stations, every single Republican voted no.

Every one of them.

NPR reports, “A bill backed by House Democrats would give President Joe Biden authority to declare an energy emergency that would make it unlawful to increase gasoline and home energy fuel prices in an “excessive” or exploitative manner. The bill directs the Federal Trade Commission to punish companies that engage in price gouging.”

The only thing Republicans do well is go on Fox News and other conservative outlets and scream and yell about rising gas prices. When they have a chance to help voters, they refuse.

We remember, though.

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